Bidxcel My Honest Review

Better and legal, is what people are saying about the Bidxcel opportunity.

Penny auctions are sprouting up everywhere it seems. Things started in the direct selling industry with Zeek Rewards but then came Bidify and now there are half a dozen penny auctions all wanting a piece of the pie. But what about the eCommerce business opportunity, Bidxcel?

The Co-founders of Bidxcel are Andrew Bracken and David Hofer, both with many years of business experience in Fortune 500 companies, and years working in the penny auctions industry. Their goal is to build a superior auction site with an affiliate and network marketing component to their compensation plan. Andrew and David bring a combined experience of over 30 years of high level corporate management and IT platforms that have been recognized worldwide.

The Bidxcel IT department is run by Co-Owner David Hofer who has worked for Microsoft, Intel and AT&T. The IT department has the top of the line, latest technology, MLM software system and experienced IT staff to run it.

The back end data management is managed by the same company that manages the largest penny auction in the world! They have the best systems, best architecture and integration available creating an infrastructure that will be sustainable for massive growth.

Richard Anzalone, V.P. of Sales, knows the network marketing industry inside and out with his 20 years of experience, both as a field leader and serving in key corporate roles.

The business opportunity is actually combined with two business models: Bidxcel and Xcelbids.

Xcelbids is the eCommerce site with a retail mall and 3 platforms of auctions; one of which is penny auctions.

Bidxcel is the back office, if you will, that supports the affiliates as well as the network marketers within Bidxcel.

The Bidxcel Compensation Plan is broke down in such a manner that you are able to make money by referring customers to your Xcelbids website to shop and use bids thus allowing you a piece of the profit sharing and/or you can grow your Bidxcel business by adding affiliates to your 3 x 9 ‘placed’ matrix. You can participate in some or all of the available income streams within Bidxcel.

Bidxcel seems to be well thought out and forward thinking, covering their bases with legal teams including attorney Kevin Thompson , who has done work for Bidify, and attorney Richard Waak who has done a lot of work with Zeek Rewards. Bidxcel also has in-house attorney David Koerner ensuring legal compliance. David has 25 years experience in the network marketing industry.

With eCommerce growing by 16% a year, 194 billion dollars in 2011, shopping online is now more comfortable for the average Internet consumer.

Can Bidxcel take the top spot in eCommerce business opportunities? We can only wait and see how this company will fare in the growing auction site craze.

Small Business Meeting Minutes Format

What is the proper meeting minutes format? The short answer is there really isnt one. As long as you have minutes from your meetings easy read and understood you dont need to worry about the correct meeting minutes format. That being said I will share the meeting minutes format that I use with my clients.

When working for clients or doing my own meeting minutes I do it very formally. With all the Now, Therefore, Be It:s, Whereas, Resolveds included.

My philosophy is that rough minutes are better than no minutes at all. So when it come to writing minutes for your business dont worry too much about the meeting minutes format as much as just getting them done. This is a big step just to start writing minutes. So here is the format we use at Corporate Correct.

I start with what the document is.



Then state where the meeting was held, what time the meeting was held and who was present and their title. Director, Manager, Officer I also include any observers these can be shareholders who are sitting in or someone who is going to present to the board.

Any time especially with a person who is presenting to the board they will be called in and then asked to leave. Make sure to note when these entrances and exits are made.

Next the formalities are documented. Who is acting as secretary, Reading of previous meeting minutes, motions to approve prior minutes and announcing quorum. This is where the meeting minutes format you choose to go with should be consistent.

This isnt always possible but I like to keep a structured board meeting so that the agenda order is followed. In small business board meetings and larger businesses many times if the agenda order is going to be changed it is announced in the beginning of the meeting is common when there is an outsider presenting to the board and you need to accommodate their schedule. This wont change your meeting minutes format though.

As the meeting progresses just follow the agenda and the meeting minutes format fills itself out.

Resolutions are a completely different discussion I would like to mention that after the minutes I do like to have all the resolutions that motions where made on and approved. I also prepare likely resolutions in advance so the board can read the language of the resolution with out trying to come up with the language all on their own. Its important to note that the board members are the ones coming up with the language as a secretary your just documenting the decisions and events.

That said feel free to offer wording advice just dont argue with the board.

For small businesses and organizations most people will have no meeting minutes format to follow so feel free to take this format and start using it for your needs. After you have gained some experience writing meeting minutes you and your board can develop your own meeting minutes format.

Business Loans – 7 Reasons Not To Use A Bank

So you’re a small business owner and you need a business loan to further the objectives of your company. Where do you turn?

When it comes to a business loan or commercial real estate loan, there are many good reasons NOT to turn to a traditional bank. Here are some of the most important reasons. Many small business owners, will find most of these points directly applicable to them.


Of course the biggest reason most small businesses go looking for alternative sources of commercial real estate loans is because they have been declined by the banks. Small businesses are often forced to look for other sources of funding because the banks will not provide it. This is not even listed below, since there are many positive reasons to prefer non-bank funding, EVEN IF YOU CAN get an approval from a bank.

REASON 1 – The minimum loan amount available from banks is too high

In many cases banks will not offer a commercial real estate loan for less than $250,000. So if you only need $100,000 you will be pushed to borrow more than you actually need. Or if your property will not support a $250,000 loan you are out of luck with the banks.

The solution is to look for an alternative funding source that can provide a lower minimum amount. Some commercial financing services will go as low as $100,000, and will often give you better terms and much better service than the traditional banks.

REASON 2 – Many traditional banks will charge you an up-front “commitment fee” just to examine and process your application

Banks usually think they are doing you a favor by processing your application, so they will often make YOU pay for their attempts to win your business.

The solution is to find other established and credible lenders who are eager to offer you better service without charging you a fee for processing your application.

REASON 3 – Most traditional banks will severely limit the amount of cash you can get from a commercial real estate loan.

Banks usually have very narrow rules about where you can use the cash derived from a commercial real estate loan. If you need a cash injection for your business, or want to use the proceeds from a commercial mortgage as a down payment for another property, most banks will not be interested in that type of loan.

Look for a lender who does not restrict your use of the cash derived from commercial real estate loans. Some services, (see links below) can provide commercial loans that give you up to $1 million in cash to use however you want.

REASON 4 – Most traditional banks require detailed business plans before approving a commercial real estate loan.

Many small businesses have business plans, but they are usually not sufficiently detailed to satisfy the banks. As a result, applying for a commercial real estate loan from a bank can turn into a very time consuming and expensive process. Creating the type of business plan that is adequate for the banks will usually cost thousands of dollars.

Reasons Home Business Opportunities Are Pefect For Anyone To Earn Money

Have you been looking into home business opportunities to allow you to make money, but can’t decide if this is the smart choice for you to achieve this goal? Then you need to understand the reasons that business opportunities are the perfect choice for anyone to make money with.

There are many different reasons, but the ones below are the main reasons you want to keep in mind as you decide if business opportunities are the smart choice for you.

One: You receive the important things needed to get your business started right away – When you sign up with a business opportunity, they will provide you with the important things that everyone needs to earn money.

You will get a website, marketing materials, training, support and many other things. This will allow you to sign up for an opportunity, receive all that you need and then you can start marketing right away to make money as quickly as possible.

Two: You will not be left along to build your business – When you choose a business opportunity to earn money from home, you will have support to help you. This means that you will not be completely alone as you try to build a successful business.

Having support will make a big difference in how successful your can make your business. No one can ever build a successful business without help from someone along the way.

Three: Gives you time to learn as you build a business – There are not a lot of businesses that you can start online that will let you start marketing right away, while having time to learn all you can about building a business.

With business opportunities, since you are given all that is needed to get started, you can market it and start making money. Then you can take time, as your marketing start working effectively, to learn one thing at a time, that will help you make your business a success.

Knowledge is one of the main keys to succeeding with any business and having time to learn is not always easy to find. With these opportunities, it is easier since all of the hard work of getting the business started has already been accomplished for you.

These are the main reasons that home business opportunities are the best choice for anyone that is trying to earn money from home. Now you just need to decide if you want to start your own business with business opportunities, or if you want to find another idea to help you get started. Either way, don’t delay in getting started because the sooner you get started, the sooner you will finally be earning money.

An Introduction To Japanese Business Culture

When doing business in a foreign country it is always vital to understand differences in culture. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and allows development of positive and long-lasting business relationships. Knowing the differences in business etiquette between British and Japanese culture could be what lands you a lucrative contract or a lucrative new job. While Japanese businesspeople understand that you will not understand all of their culture and business etiquette they will notice and appreciate your genuine efforts.

The Japanese generally do business based on personal relationships. Being introduced by a person who has a good relationship with the company is very helpful. You may be given a small trial to prove yourself. Even if this request is non-profitable, completing it quickly and well helps develop a long-term relationship.

Gift Giving
Gifts are very important in Japanese culture. Always give a small gift at the end of a meeting to the most senior member. Consult with a Japanese person on an appropriate gift. Many flowers such as camellias are associated with death and potted plants encourage sickness. If you receive a gift, do not open it in the presence of the giver.

Business Meetings
Meetings should be arranged by telephone well in advance. Punctuality is imperative. Seating is arranged with the most junior member nearest the door and the most senior furthest away. Do not be surprised if meetings contain several people, even if you thought it would be a one-on-one meeting. You will be expected to have a document containing information about your company, testimonials from customers and other companies and newspaper or magazine articles. It is best to come to a meeting with your best offer, as this is what will be expected.

Consensus and group decision-making is the norm in Japanese culture. Questions should be phrased in such a way that even negative answers can be given with a yes. For example Do you think this is a bad idea? rather than Do you agree?. Japanese businesspeople may be silent while considering issues and may close their eyes while listening carefully. Confrontational negotiation styles such as raised voices or anger will be frowned upon. Contracts are generally broad with room for re-negotiation and flexibility rather than rigid and point-by-point. However, written contracts are always expected.

Business Dress
Japanese business culture is quite conservative and avant-garde fashions will not be appreciated. Conservative business dress is always appropriate in Japan, especially for women. Suits should be dark-coloured without flashy accessories.

Business Cards
Business cards are very important in Japanese culture and you should always have a ready supply. The quality of your business cards and their condition is highly important also. When you receive a business card examine it carefully and treat it with respect. After meetings, place received business cards in a special case. Investing in business cards written in Japanese is a gesture of goodwill that will be appreciated. Give and receive business cards in both your hands and with a small bow.

Run Business Smoothly with Store Management and Pick and Pack Services

Efficient stock management and pick and pack services are the two things all exporters need. These two functions secure a steady and hassle-free sailing. If you are a manufacturer and maintain a stock of products, you will need an accurate stock management system in place.

You can save money and time; you can avoid waste and optimize all the business operations once a good stock management system is there. Lets see how an automated inventory management system helps to run a business smoothly.

When you receive an order, you can simply check the stock management software to confirm whether you can deliver the product on time, how much quantity is available in the stock and many such information can be fetched with just few mouse clicks and keyboard strokes.
While placing a procurement order, you can consult the stock management system to see if any raw material should be purchased, if there is any urgent requirement etc.
Many efficient inventory management solutions will allow you to set alarms so that when the amount of a material reaches a certain level, it generates an alert so that the manager can understand which product should be purchased immediately.
There are stock management systems that will allow you generate purchase order, invoice etc. automatically. Web based inventory management systems are extremely helpful when you have product or raw material stores at various locations. Both retail stores and factories with huge inventory of raw materials and finished products should have customized stock management program.

To make things easier, you can also go for pick and pack services in your country. Pick and pack services collect orders from your place or an inventory and delivers it to the end user. The end user can be a customer, a business, a factory, a manufacturing house or any other business and non-business entity.

Business with branches and inventories at various locations and make use of the pick and pack services. Instead of maintaining own transportation system, they can simply hire a pick and packer and get the products delivered at the destination without any hassles.

Professional pick and pack services take special care of fragile products or hazardous materials. Some businesses use specific types of products that require special care during storage and transportation. For example, if you are transporting glass-made products, special shock proofing materials should be used to wrap the products so that the items do not get damaged on the way. You should ask the pick and packer if they are able to handle such products or not.

When you need to transport finished products overseas, pick and pack services can be of immense help. If you are doing business with overseas companies or you have a wide offshore customer base, you can simply hire a pick and pack service provider and export the products. You need to send them all the details, such as amount of products to be delivered, type of products to be delivered, where to deliver the products etc. and they will take care of everything. However, you may need to take care of the export duty and other financial and legal obligations separately.

A perfect store management and a professional pick and pack service can actually help you run your business smoothly. Go for it!

Business Website Hosting

OsCommerce is one of the best e-commerce solutions for people who want to run e-commerce websites on the web. The software allows you to create and run small and large business websites. The platform has no limitations for the sophistication or size of the large and advanced business websites. osCommerce web host needs a web hosting provider who has reliable and specialized platforms that will manage and control your website efficiently. It is therefore of imperative importance that as a website owner, you get osCommerce hosting services that are reliable and that are being provided by experts who have knowledge and experience in the field.

The osCommerce platform is easy to install and launches operation immediately after installation. They come with unlimited web space plus free domain names and unlimited web traffic. This means that you can accommodate thousands of web users on your e-commerce website without worrying that the servers will collapse. The osCommerce servers have customized setups and are scripted with easy PHP languages and backed up with MySQL database.

The phpBB hosting plan allows you to have web forums on your website. The phpbb hosting allows you to have and to manage discussion forums on your site. The software allows you to have numerous and thousands of forums running on your site server without any hitches. It comes with and easy to install feature and is made on easy to manage script. From the web host panel, you are able to launch the phpBB hosting plan and start running your forums immediately after installing.

The phpBB hosting plan comes with templates that will be used to make the design and backgrounds of the forum. The software is easy to manage as it is compatible on with MySQL database and MSSQL. Other features that will definitely be provided with the phpBB hosting plan are unlimited disk storage, numerous email accounts, unlimited domains that will also come with sub domains, unlimited band width and unlimited file transfer.

With the advancement in technology, we now have the latest version of ClipShare hosting software that is the 4.0. The software is now available to run on Linux servers and Apache Web servers. The ClipShare hosting plan allows you to share music and video files on your site. This service is also available to all your site users or visitors. ClipShare is a dynamic solution for video sharing and uploading of video file on your website or any other social site. Installation of ClipShare is easy and it launches immediately after installing. The software comes with unlimited disk space and file transfer capability. The uploaded videos can also be compressed to enable sharing. The ClipShare hosting is the best solution for sharing and rapid transfer of videos on your site.

How To Give A New Business Instant Credibility

The problem with starting a new business is that its a lot easier if the business is well established. Of course, that’s something of a contradiction or is it?

Any business wishing to compete for a slice of the market has to be fully up to the task of competing with its rivals, and increasingly these days customers are a savvy lot.

If a business is new, then it is to be treated with a degree of suspicion. This is a world where online reviews, scores, followers, likes and an established reputation are the calling cards of trust and credibility.

The problem is that for most start-up businesses none of that is available, which means that theyre setting off for the hundred metre sprint in a sack, carrying a boiled egg on a spoon. The odds are somewhat against them.

But there are ways in which the odds can be pulled back, and new businesses given a distinct head start. If youre in a hundred metre sprint and youre carrying a hardboiled egg on a spoon while standing in a sack its a good deal easier to win if youre starting off four metres from the finish line.

So how can new business gain this head start in terms of established credibility?

Well, first of all some words of caution. Perhaps you have already looked online for ways in which new businesses can gain increased credibility, and come across scores of websites offering services which sound quite appealing.

You probably know the sort of thing I mean – get 10,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ in three days, gain 5,000 Twitter followers in a week, 100,000 YouTube hits in a month the list goes on.

The problem though is that numbers dont really cut it when it comes to credibility. Too many people today know how easy it is to pay someone to unleash an army of bots to bump up the numbers. There’s also the risk of course that the search engines or host sites pick up on the skewed traffic and penalise or even blacklist your business. Not good.

Ultimately of course what those numbers mean is – nothing at all. They don’t provide your business with any real advantage, because they’re not targeted, they’re not loyal. Theyre not even interested. They certainly won’t spread the word, or share your content. You definitely won’t get any orders from them.

No, what I mean by getting instant credibility is more down to the business premises. Too many new start-up business end up publicising themselves as being based in Flat 2, Dingle Avenue, or The Back Bedroom, 24 Seaview Crescent. A residential address isnt good.

To get over this problem what some businesses do is to rent a virtual business address. This is a much better plan, because a virtual office address allows the business owner to separate home and work, and means that if they move home they won’t have all of the problems associated with updating the address details. There are also various tax related reasons why having a business associated with a business address rather than a residential address is preferable.

But this alone isnt a solution, because having a business address that’s along the lines of Unit 6, Browning’s Industrial Estate isnt terribly inspiring. And dont even think about signing up for a PO Box, because if you ever try to register your business, a PO Box wont be accepted. It also gives the impression to potential customers that youre hiding something.

Credibility today is gained by having a prestigious business address which relates directly to a real bricks and mortar property in a well known, established business district of the town or city.

To associate your business name with a business property which is already established, and well known by those living and working in the area means that your new business immediately inherits an established level of credibility.

Bu renting a virtual office address which is associated with an established, credible and prestigious business property in town you can also sometimes find that you are able to rent meeting rooms when needed (something you can’t do if your virtual office is simply a database entry on a computer, or a locker in a warehouse), massively boosting the credibility and public image of your business.

Which is a great way of gluing the egg to the spoon, jumping out of the sack and legging it to the finish line.

How To Select The Best Residual Income Business Opportunity

A lot of people are actively looking for a lucrative residual income business opportunity, but they make critical mistakes. Heres how you can avoid those costly errors. The 3 key main factors to consider are:

1) the amount of monthly income generated
2) the amount of resources required to create that stream of residual income
3) the duration of the income, including whether or not the amount of income increases or decreases over time.

Most people make the error of, first, being introduced to a company and then, second, trying to see if it is a good residual income business opportunity. They fall into the proverbial trap of not being able to see the forest for the trees. They find the tree first, without knowing what kind of forest it is in. A better approach is to identify the ideal forest first, and then look for the best tree in that forest, second. Giant Sequoias are much much taller than pine trees, but you wouldnt see that if you only look in pine forests.

The kind of forest to look in for the absolute best residual income business opportunity is NOT that of the employee or the self employed. This includes traditional work-from-home businesses. In addition, some people think that network marketing is a good forest to look in, but there is so much competition in network marketing, both in selling products and in recruiting a downline, that the return on your efforts is almost guaranteed to be low. That is how micro-economics works: high competition = low margins of return. If you are looking for the absolute best residual income business opportunity, the proper forest to look in is that of the investor.

As an investor, you are able to leverage other peoples time and other peoples money, while retaining control. You dont have to sell any products or services in the midst of fierce competition. The amount of income created is directly related to the rate of return you are able to generate. You can even hire high-performing professional traders to do the active investing for you, on a pay for performance basis, so that you dont have learn how to become a full-time trader yourself. The amount of personal resources involved can be minimal, especially if you are using other peoples money. The most valuable resource is specialized knowledge, which can be learned, from the right source. And the duration of income can be multi-generational, recession proof, and increasing every year, due to the power of compounding returns.

One excellent, yet relatively unknown source for gaining the specialized knowledge, and careful guidance on how to apply it correctly, is The Financial Freedom Foundation. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to showing people how to become financially independent. With the resources they provide, you can grow your own personal forest of Giant Sequoia sized money trees with $100 dollar bills coming off of each branch, for you to use at your convenience. Theyll show you how to create up to $100K residual income within 12 months, and give you the knowledge of how to grow that to over $1M per year, within 5 to 10 years all this using other peoples time, talents, and money. That is the absolute best residual income business opportunity around. They even have a FREE REPORT that you can download from their website, to get an inside peek as to how you can do it yourself.

Business Tax Strategies (Part 1)

When I review my client’s business budgets, I have found that a lot of money is wasted, due to lack of knowledge of tax advantages and savings. John Stephens of said this about optimizing your tax strategies, “We suggest you play by the rules, just make sure you use every rule you can in your favor. We don’t want anybody to disregard the IRS system and hope for the best. In fact, history has shown that strategy will fail.” And to this I say, “I couldn’t agree more!”

Below are the first 4 of a series of 40 Strategies that I have outlined for you to consider. They are sure to help if you apply the principles.

Strategy #1 – Engage on business tax planning throughout the tax year.

Tax planning is the process of trying to predict what the dollar amount of your business’ taxable income will be, and the makeup of your business’ tax returns that created the taxable income. One approach to handling your business’ taxes is to wait until the end of the tax year, collect all relevant tax information and have your business income tax returns prepared. The problem with this approach is that you have virtually no control over what your business tax liability will be, and you will have to take your tax bill as it comes. By far the better way to deal with business taxes is to engage in year-round “Tax Planning”. Tax planning, to be truly useful, must continue on a monthly, or at least quarterly, basis throughout the tax year. Implement the following three steps to achieve tax advantaged status for your business:

Step A: Review of previous years’ tax returns.

Step B: Develop and implement a tax plan.

Step C: Acquire strategy-based and IRS code-based tax return preparation.

Strategy # 2 – Decrease your business’ taxable income by shifting income and expenses into the most favorable tax year.

This strategy is only applicable to your business if it’s on a “Cash Basis” of accounting. One of the most useful applications of income and expense shifting is to defer income and accelerate expenses in a combined effort to shift taxable income from the current tax year to the next, assuming that your business tax rate is not expected to be higher next year, to the degree that higher taxes due next year increase your business total taxes due between the two years in question.

Conversely, if your business’ total tax liability is better served by keeping its taxable dollars in the current tax year, your business could attempt to shift taxable income back from next year to the current year.

Depending on whether you are shifting forward or back, you will use the following approaches:

Shifting Forward: Delay cash receipts (by delaying billing); Accelerate cash payments (by paying all legitimate current year expenses before the end of the current tax year).

Shifting Back: Accelerate cash receipts; Delay cash payments. Expenditures that qualify for accelerating or deferring include, but are not limited to the following: advertising, legal fees, accounting fees and insurance. The IRS can disallow deductions that are clearly attributable to another tax year, and/or income that is not recognized in the proper tax year.

Strategy #3 – Calculate your business “Tax Savings” as a function of the amount of the deduction, and your business marginal tax rate.

The greater the amount of your business tax deduction, the greater the tax savings. The higher your business’ “Marginal Tax Rate” (the tax rate applicable to the last dollar of taxable income) the greater the tax savings.

Strategy #4 – Purchase a “Net Operating Loss” (NOL) in the process of buying another business entity.

You can obtain a Net Operating Loss by buying someone Else’s corporation, a corporation that has created a Net Operating Loss for itself. Tax law allows someone else to buy this corporation and enjoy the tax benefits of owning a Net Operating Loss. If you buy a corporation with a Net Operating Loss, you must be careful not to inherit unexpected corporate liabilities, especially unpaid payroll taxes.

You must insist that a full “due diligence” search be performed by a corporate lawyer to avoid your inheriting these unexpected corporate liabilities that would become yours along with the corporation, and its Net Operating Loss.

Although the danger of these unexpected liabilities is always present, it may be well worth the effort and expense to search for these “hidden liabilities,” because tax law allows you to use this Net Operating Loss to shelter future income this corporation may generate for you up to the extent of the dollar amount of this Net Operating Loss.

You can use a Net Operating Loss to shelter prior years income. This can be accomplished by filing amended tax returns for the applicable prior year(s) (up to three years back “The Statute of Limitations” for income tax returns) (Forms 1040-X and 1120-x are designed to be used to amend prior year’s tax returns.)